Beauty of Fisherman’s Wharf

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Fisherman’s Wharf acquired its name during the Gold Rush when an Italian emigrant had moved in the area and started casting a line for Dungeness Crab. Up until now the place used to be the home of San Francisco’s fishing fleet. Even as the years have passed Fisherman’s Wharf still retains its heritage as the home of fishermen and their fleets.
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Tips for Last-Minute Travelers

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Forgetting your passport is the ultimate way to ruin your vacation because you won’t even be able to leave the country, but this can happen when you’ve left everything to the last minute. When possible, get your new passport or passport renewal well in advance to prevent any holdups. Check your current passport as soon as you book your flights, or even before, to make sure that it has enough time on it, and if not you will have to order a passport through a specialist passport office.
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Money While Traveling the World

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I’m not going to throw a bunch of hype or lies at you and tell you that you can make Money a month with no effort all from a beach on the Caribbean. Get real. That’s just not possible. But I will say that you can make some extra Money during travel if you can spare a few extra hours in between your adventures. No you’re not going to get rich doing this. Yes, you’re going to have to work. But I guarantee it’s not going to be that difficult.

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Spend a few hours every night writing articles and you could easily break even while traveling around the world.


Legends of the Annapurna Circuit

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The mountain scenery also includes ‘Annapurna 1’ (8,091 metres) which was the first 8000 metre peak to be climbed, and the tenth highest mountain in the world. Its summit was the highest ‘summit’ achieved for three years, until the first successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. The Annapurna peaks are some of the world’s most dangerous mountains to climb and should only be tackled by experienced, and well-prepared, climbers.

Dhauligiri and Machhupuchare

Also located along the Annapurna Circuit is the ice pyramid ‘Dhauligiri’ (8,167 metres), once the home of the legendary Buddhist Padmasamba. A pilgrimage site for Buddhists, inside the mountain is said to be a treasury for the happiness and prosperity of the entire world. The trek also visits ‘Machhupuchare’ (6,993 metres), which many consider to be the most beautiful mountain in the world. Revered by the local population as a sacred site of the God Shiva, it is off-limits to climbers, though a trekker can still enjoy its beauty. The double summit resembles the tail of a fish, leading to its name meaning ‘Fishes Tail’ in Nepalese. It is also nicknamed ‘the Matterhorn’ of Nepal’, after that other iconic mountain in the Swiss Alps.


Following paths used as trade routes between Nepal and Tibet, the Annapurna Circuit has enabled a flow and exchange of cultures and religions in the otherwise inaccessible region. Today, Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism, and the lesser-known Bon-Po religion all coexist with each other, meaning the region is deeply steeped in religion. Partly for this reason, on average, two-thirds of all trekkers in Nepal visit the Annapurna Circuit; of course for the diverse scenery of high mountains and lowlands villages, but also for the unique cultural experiences available.


Muktinath is a sacred site for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is located close to the village of Ranipauwa, which is sometimes mistakenly known as Muktinath as well. The Hindu name for the site is ‘Mukti Kshetra’, literally meaning ‘Place of Salvation’. The Buddhists call it Chumig Gyatsa, which in Tibetan means ‘Hundred Waters’. Muktinath is home to several temples of the different religions, including one of the most ancient Hindu temples to the God Vishnu, making it a fulfilling yet difficult-to-access pilgrimage site.

The Goddess Annapurna

The ‘Annapurna’ of the Annapurna Circuit is a Sanskrit name, which in literal translation means ‘filled with food’. It’s usually translated as ‘Goddess of the Harvests’ – in Hinduism, Annapurna or Annapoorna is a goddess of fertility and agriculture, depicted as holding a bejewelled golden ladle in one hand, and a bowl full of delicious porridge in the other. It is said that she does not eat a morsel unless all her devotees have been fed in her temple.


Family on the Perfect Break

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With a number of activities on offer there your family will never get bored and will have plenty to do throughout their time there. Every member of the family is catered for with a large amount of sports and activities available including football, short tennis, basketball and archery plus a whole lot more. There are many of these that are included in the price of your break whilst other activities such as go-karting and an assault course are extras but are certainly worth giving a go if you are looking for some excitement from your break then you should certainly choose one of the holiday parks as they offer fun for all the family.

We all know that families want something different from their breaks which make the parks even better as they provide great bars and restaurants for everyone that wants to relax and enjoy some tasty food and drink, they provide the UK’s most loved sports such as football and tennis for all those with a competitive side and they offer some great activities that the whole family can get involved in to make sure you are all spending time together during your family break.

There are a superb range of accommodation options available as well so after a day’s entertainment and fun you can head back to your rooms to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in comfortable surroundings. Depending on your budget you can make the most of the accommodation on offer and if you have a few extra pounds to spend then you can make sure your sleeping in luxury as there are brand new hotels that have been built at some of the holiday parks, all designed to offer you the ultimate holidaying experience.


Climatic Conditions in the City State

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It is quite interesting if you are traveling to this city state during the heavy rainfall season as the atmosphere and surrounding is quite hazy and most of the travelers love to enjoy the sunny days at beaches, family parks and so many recreational areas. Sometimes the flights schedule also got affected because of the unclear skies but there is a less delay in flights to Singapore as the qualified staff of the regional carrier of Singapore airlines is quite capable to manage the journey during these perplexing conditions.

If you are a traveler first time and want to discover all the famous places of Singapore then plan your destination other then the months of November and December as it is the most heavy rainfall season in this country and it’s a bit difficult scenario to get around and travel across all the famous destinations because of the rainy season. Thus to ensure your quality air travel and joyous journey without having any hindrance of climate you should book your flights to Singapore quite earlier to the rainy season or immediately after the end of the rainy season.

The climate of Singapore is generally classified as the tropical rainforest climate and has a pleasant and healthy effect on most of the travelers and tourists traveling to this country. The average temperature of this city state is almost 28 degrees Celsius as May and June are considered to be the hottest months whereas the months of November and December are considered as the wetter months of the year. As the state lies quite near to the equator that’s why the average day time almost remains the same throughout the year. So to enjoy more and more without having any difficulty from weather point of view one should plan his trip during the month of January to April to book in advance some discounted Singapore flights.

Due to rapid urbanization the rain forests are going to be eliminated but there are still so many botanical gardens and family parks in this city state which are a major source of natural beauty and play an important role in improving the climatic conditions of the city. The govt. is trying to find any other way for urbanization without eliminating the rain forests and one of the alternatives found is to use sea beds to increase the land capacity. So enjoy a luxurious and auspicious travel to this city state and book your cheap flights to Singapore.


Start at the Holiday Parks This Christmas

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The parks go all out when it comes to Christmas as they turn their grounds into a winter wonderland of fun, games and relaxation just when you need it the most.

For those that have visited one of the UK holiday parks during the year, you will not recognise the place as Christmas well and truly comes to town with great decorations around the premises as well as plenty of chances for the whole family to get involved with the xmas activities such as carol singing. For the kids, they can visit Santa in his grotto where he has a range of presents because kids cannot visit Santa without leaving with a present to remember the event by.

For regular visitors, you will also be pleased to know that the usual activities and sports available are still there to enjoy so if the weather is kind to us this year, you can take part in the many outdoor activities available. However, as we know that good weather at Christmas is very unlikely, you still have a range of sports and activities available to you thanks to the holiday parks being prepared and ready as they understand that predicting the great British weather is an impossible task, which is why they have every possibility covered. The celebrations can start upon your arrival and you can relax and enjoy your break with the family at one of the excellent holiday parks available.